BriteVerify Weeds Out Worthless Email Addresses

The BriteVerify email verification solution just announced its latest platform aimed at companies that build and maintain email marketing databases.

This new service will provide simple, fast and, most importantly, accurate verification at an affordable price to help businesses protect themselves from sending emails to invalid addresses, which, obviously, can have significantly negative effects on campaign ROI and sender reputations.

BriteVerify's platform release includes new APIs to simplify the verification process and help companies that utilize clean data service providers, email list managers and lead buyers and sellers, as well as email service providers that manage user lists for customers by working to eliminate time and resource costs that go wasted trying to communicate with bad data.

It also comes with a new social connectedness status indicator called BriteVerify Connected, which gives marketers insights into the most active addresses in their databases so they can prioritize their campaigns to improve performance potential. BriteVerify noticed that many addresses can appear active, but in reality they're "half-dead" or inactive and take up valuable space on many email lists.

Using BriteVerify Connected, marketers can begin to weed them out. Connected also helps identify which contacts are most likely to open, click and convert with emails.

BriteVerify doesn't require any contracts, set up fees or monthly minimums. Instead, customers pay only for what they use.