Buyometric Predicts Growth in Daily Deals Sector Despite Email Fatigue

UK-based daily deal aggregator Buyometric revealed that in December 2011, over half of the 7 million UK subscribers to deal providers receive five or more deal emails per day, and that 50 percent of those who receive a high volume of email think it's too many.

"There has been much talk of a bubble in the daily deals sector, with email fatigue being cited as a possible trigger," said Buyometric founder Paul Fisher. "It's clear that daily deal providers need to make some changes in the way they reach out to their customers. While we don't see any major fallout on the horizon, there will be many changes in the daily deals sector over the coming 12 months."

So what can the daily deal industry expect in 2012? According to Buyometic's Fisher, they can expect increased growth, more competition and improved targeting.

The improved targeting element is clearly a must for the burgeoning deals industry. According to Fisher and Buyometric, men are "turned off" by the untargeted nature of the main deal providers and so new male focused offerings or better targeting by existing providers will be necessary to engage the group.