CakeMail Enhances the User Experience for Email Marketers

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 28 Sep, 2011

CakeMail, a white-label email marketing platform, is launching CakeMail 3.1.

The program is designed for the use of customer verticals including Web hosting, interactive agencies and small-to-medium email service providers. It introduces improvements in user experience, better client-side workflow, and other features that make it easier to work with other popular Web applications.

"Our focus this quarter was on making substantial improvements to our core product. This release adds some excellent new features, but more importantly, makes our end-user experience much more pleasant, intuitive, and efficient," says Steve Smith, CakeMail VP of Sales. "CakeMail 3.1 is designed to make both our customers and their email marketing clients happier and more productive than ever before."

The new version of CakeMail also includes product updates that are focused on improving the overall user experience of marketers and end-users. Also, the updated data reporting tools include a new dashboard view as well as the introduction of new engagement reporting data for qualifying contact lists - not just by the number of subscribers, but also by the quality of relationship a brand has with its subscribers.

A free version of the updated CakeMail is currently available.