Campaigner Focuses on High-Volume Senders

The newest version of Campaigner's Email Marketing for Professionals solution, which is specifically designed for Internet retailers and other high-volume senders, is now available to the public.


The solution offers a variety of features to help retailers manage the targeting, sending and tracking of high-volume campaigns, including automated workflows, responsive design functionality and API integration. Learn more about the new features below: 



Email Workflows - Senders have the ability to build a sequence of emails and if/then rules based on prospects' specific actions. Retailers, for example, can create a workflow that automatically sends discounts to prospects who have abandoned their shopping cart on a website.


A/B Split Testing - Senders can compare an unlimited number of variations with A/B Split Testing. For instance, senders can test multiple subject lines and monitor the email campaigns in real time to discover which performs the best. A/B testing can also be leveraged to test other aspects of a campaign, such as message design, copy or calls-to-action.


Advanced Reporting - Senders can tap into big data with Campaigner's email reporting, which offers insights into how many times a given recipient opens a message, what time of day they're most likely to read it, on what device and more. This enables senders to better evaluate the performance of campaigns.


API Integration - A subset of Campaigner for Professionals, Campaigner Elements, gives developers a new API for leveraging list, contact, campaign and content management features, as well as reporting on big data that has been collected over time. Campaigner Elements supports integration with a variety of platforms, including third-party databases and applications, CRMs, websites and social networking content.


Responsive Design - Senders can optimize email messages for mobile viewing with Campaigner's responsive design templates, which include responsive-friendly links, buttons, fonts, layout and imagery.


"Smart email marketing is a crucial success component for today's Internet retailer, and Campaigner's latest solution is the result of listening to what our high-volume-sender customers needed - and delivering it to them," said EJ McGowan, general manager, Campaigner. "We are proud to say that Campaigner's Professional email marketing solution can accommodate the needs of even the biggest, most sophisticated Internet Retailers."