Campaigner Introduces Smart Email Builder

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 21 Jun, 2011

Email marketing firm Campaigner has launched a new tool for developing professional-looking email promotions and newsletters. Smart Email Builder aims to remove the need for a designer - or design experience - from the equation.

Businesses can choose from among the 700 professionally designed templates, themes and color schemes, and the newsletter is automatically built based on user preferences. Once the design is in place, Smart Email Builder will instantly format text on the computer screen as content is entered.

Once the format is chosen, Smart Email Builder offers fill-in-the blank templates, snap-to-fit image handling with slide resizing, simple insertion of easily trackable links, and drag-and-drop paragraphs and content boxes. If a business decides to change the look of the mailing, Smart Email Builder remembers the content entered and moves it to the new layout.

Visit Campaigner to learn more about using Smart Email Builder in your email marketing programs, or view a Smart Email Builder tutorial.