Clean Up Your Email Lists

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 31 Aug, 2012

A large email list is not very valuable if the subscribers never open your content. In fact, a low open rate can even affect your sender reputation, which means that it is a good idea for marketers to continuously groom their email lists.

This is why GraphicMail has introduced a new mailing list clean up solution, which allows email marketers to engage with the best addresses in their list in order to maximize campaign results and return on investment (ROI).

List Clean Up uses pattern recognition technology and multiple verification checks to determine the quality of an address prior to sending. This means that GraphicMail connects directly with email clients to test and verify each address on a specified email list - cleaning out all the invalid addresses of recipients that will neither see nor open the messages, or contribute to any potential income gained via direct email marketing efforts. This can also help reduce bulk sending costs over time.

It is important to note that GraphicMail has also put measures in place to ensure that this tool will not get rid of valid email addresses, so that users don't have to be concerned about possibly losing valid recipients when verifying their email lists.

The feature has been integrated to work within GraphicMail's existing bulk email marketing software and will be instantly accessible whenever it is required. Users simply need to login to their GraphicMail account and click on "List Clean Up" on their homepage, and then select the list that needs to be filtered. Once the clean up is complete, users can download a PDF report to review the results as a new  filtered list without overriding the original.

"A clean mailing list is the key to effective email marketing," says Barbara Ulmi, head of marketing at GraphicMail. "Not only does it increase engagement, purchase rates and sender reputation, but also saves you money in long term. For only a few Dollars, List Clean Up demonstrates a highly valuable solution for our clients. Clients who have not e-mailed to their lists for a while, or have had email abuse complaints, could benefit from this initiative."