Constant Contact Helps SMBs Advertise on Facebook

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 20 Oct, 2015

Constant Contact is launching a new advertising tool for Facebook and announcing that it is now part of the social network's Marketing Partner Program.

While the Marketing Partner Program includes a select group of marketing companies vetted by Facebook for their ability to drive exceptional results, Constant Contact's new tool helps small businesses convert their emails into highly targeted, mobile-optimized digital ads.

Although email marketing is traditionally used to engage current customers, Constant Contact's new tool allows small businesses to leverage their Constant Contact email campaigns and use that same content to create Facebook ads. The tool aims to help users save time as it automatically pulls email content and images for the Facebook ads.

It is important to note that after the ad is created, Constant Contact also leverages Facebook's Lookalike Audiences to find potential new customers with traits and interests similar to the contacts in the user's Constant Contact account. Lookalike targeting leverages data like location, age, gender, interests and likelihood to purchase. This helps the small business better target audiences on Facebook that may be interested in their product or service. Moreover, reporting metrics like reach and clicks are made available in real time, and the entire process can be done from the user's Constant Contact account.

"Email and Facebook have become a one-two punch for small business marketing. More than 45 million small businesses have active Pages, and they also cite email as the top marketing tool to drive customer loyalty," said Joel Hughes, senior vice president of emerging businesses at Constant Contact. "As leaders in our respective industries, Constant Contact and Facebook are giving small businesses an easy and affordable way to become more effective marketers and grow their business."

The new Facebook ad tool is inserted directly into Constant Contact's email campaign product. Plus, all ads created with the tool are automatically optimized for mobile display. It is also worth noting that Constant Contact is one of the first two companies joining Facebook's Marketing Partners Program that is badged for small businesses.

"Facebook is dedicated to helping small businesses around the world grow," said Steve Irvine, global head of Facebook Marketing Partners. "Our Marketing Partner Constant Contact is helping make Facebook advertising easy for small businesses, and we will continue to expand our Small Business Solutions program to bolster innovation on the platform."