Continuous Email Testing and Real-Time Optimization at StrongMail

Interactive marketing solution provider StrongMail released the latest version of its Message Studio product last week.

The platform now features continuous testing and real-time optimization of multi-stage lifecycle email marketing programs, provides new reports and data visualizations, and content authoring for mobile-optimized email and social engagement plugins for Facebook (in addition to an updated interface).

"Relevance and optimization are top priorities for interactive marketing today, but many brands still struggle with these table-stakes strategies - and that's exactly the challenge we're addressing with this new version of StrongMail Message Studio," said Sam Cece, CEO of StrongMail. "Whether you're looking to launch continuously optimized lifecycle marketing programs, send millions of personalized messages in minutes or accurately assess the ROI of your ongoing programs, StrongMail has got you covered."

Screenshot of StrongMail's Message Studio (dashboard):