Curbing Email List Attrition with Gold Lasso

Losing more email subscribers than you're signing up? It's called list attrition and it's not uncommon. There are of course some solutions! 

Multichannel marketing software provider Gold Lasso for example today released customizable preference pages for their eLoop5 product suite which aims to help email marketers curb attrition levels and lessen the number of unsubscribes. 

The new preference pages will enable subscribers to pick and choose the types of communication they receive as well as the frequency. Providing users with only the information they really want - by allowing them to opt-out of certain cateogies but remain in others - can help lower unsubscribe rates dramatically. eLoop5 users will also be able to attach a custom opt-out footer to each message and link to specific preference pages according to their email marketing needs. 

Michael Weisel, CTO, commented, "These new features will change frustrated customers who might otherwise completely opt out, into satisfied customers who appreciate their newly given options. This will result in increased customer retention and add valuable data for future segmentation efforts; all while pleasing customers with a more personalized experience."