Deliverability Guidance for Email Service Providers

As a marketing channel, email has never played a more central role in the digital experience, but for millions of senders getting their messages into the inboxes of recipients continues to present challenges. 

With the average open rate of emails hovering around just 20 percent, senders must ensure that they aren't standing in their own way by developing campaigns that don't meet the delivery standards and mandates set by inbox providers.

The problem is that they don't always know the reason why emails aren't arriving in the inbox of recipients and will often turn to their solution providers for answers. 

Rather than waiting for clients (senders) to approach them with concerns, email service providers (ESPs) should have access to the information and data neccessary to identify deliverability issues as they arise and be able to provide proactive guidance for these clients. That's the ideal, but to date it has simply not been the case. Fortunately, there's at least one solution that is taking the lead in this regard.

Email solution provider Return Path has just released a new partner platform for email service providers that will offer the ability to proactively monitor and diagnose deliverability issues across their client ecosystem. 

Managing deliverability for hundreds or thousands of clients is challenging (particuarly when senders are located in different locations), but Return Path's new offering brings all the deliverability data into one dashboard (see image below) and enables ESP's to drill down into specific metrics to identify the cause or poor deliverability rates.

"The Partner Platform was built with extensive input from our longstanding ESP partners," said Ken Takahashi, senior vice president at Return Path.

"Unlike anything else available to ESPs today, this solution allows ESPs to take a more efficient and proactive approach to customer service. Rather than waiting for clients to approach them with concerns, ESPs will be empowered with the information they need to easily identify deliverability issues as they arise and provide proactive guidance for their clients."

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Return Path Partner Platform Dashboard for Deliverability