Dress Up Those Drab Sales Emails with PointDrive

Sales people - love 'em or loathe 'em - remain an integral element in an enterprise's success. We invest quite a bit in these employees, and expect quite a lot out of them. The tools they are using, however, might be falling short.

Email is the perfect example. Sales professionals rely on email to deliver content to prospects and customers but the channel isn't exactly friendly to the richer, more interactive presentations today's buyers expect. Solutions such as Chicago-based PointDrive are aiming to solve the problem.

The solution helps sales pros deliver documents, images, links, videos, and comments in a "polished, cohesive presentation." What's more, the solution provides intelligence on engagement with the presentations that are created.

"Professionals know that email is not always the best tool for the job," said Bill Burnett, co-founder and chief executive officer of PointDrive. "Just as we select chat for internal conversations and collaboration tools for project management, you can now choose PointDrive for delivering content that needs to make an impact. PointDrive, with its emphasis on presentation and recipient feedback, is the right tool for sending a proposal with supporting content, delivering an investor pitch, presenting creative work, and any other time you need multiple assets to tell one important story."

The solution offers numerous appealing features and functionality for businesses including the ability to build and send an unlimited number of presentations, integrates with LinkedIn and Dropbox (Google Contact integration coming soon), offers a responsive design, and includes feedback and sharing tools. It's the insights that will likely appeal to sales teams however. PointDrive informs senders when presentations are viewed and shared - sending email alerts when recipients respond or take action.