E-Mail Encryption Service

Emailing confidential or sensitive information unencrypted is just asking for trouble.

While large corporate and governmental email users have various means of sending secure email messages and attachments at their disposal (usually through a server side software), individuals and small/mid-size businesses do not and are forced to either use slower and less convenient alternatives or risk information security by using common, unprotected Internet email.
That might all change with the Send Technology announcement that a new Web-based service is available today that enables any email user to securely exchange confidential messages and attachments via the Internet without any special technical expertise. The service, dubbed Send., works in the following manner: Senders open their favorite Internet browser, complete a first-time registration, enter their email address, the recipient's address, message and any attachments, and then press the send button. Recipients receive a regular email message from the sendinc.com site with an attached notification message. Following simple instructions in the email, they complete a similar first-time registration and then access the secure message and any attachments. Any subsequent exchange of messages between registered users occurs without the need to reenter any user information.

Send. is different in that it does not require that senders use encryption keys and is compatible with all email solutions including Web mail (though requires no software downloads or system configuration. Right now, users are only able to send twenty messages per day, and message attachments can only contain files up to 10MB.
 "Talking with email users and reading various research reports, we learned that there was a huge pent-up demand for a truly secure means of exchanging email messages and attachments for either regulatory or other individual reasons, but that there was an equally high resistance to the limited number of secure methodologies available at the time," said Daniel Stevens, Send Technology's chief executive officer. "We developed Send. as a service that could be readily used without installing any sort of software or making any changes to individual computer settings."