E-Mail Your Reviews to RateItAll

Maureen Alley
by Maureen Alley 22 Aug, 2009

RateItAll.com makes posting online reviews easier by allowing Web users to simply e-mail reviews to RateItAll. Reviews are published instantly on RateItAll's website.

With the growing popularity of online reviews among Web users, allowing for a faster and easier way to publish them online might entice even more people to share their thoughts on business and products.

Reviewers send e-mails to reviews@rateitall.com and put the item that's being reviewed in the subject line. Reviewers are also encouraged to include a one to five star rating. Reviews are categorized by: movies, TV, celebrities, Internet, games, electronics, automotive, travel, food, drinks, health, pets and more.

If you operate a local business, you can also add it to RateItAll's database.

Do you publish online reviews? Will this new feature encourage you to write more reviews?