Email Advertising with MailChimp and LaunchBit

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 14 Feb, 2012

Mailchimp has announced an integration with email advertising network LaunchBit. 


The integration will streamline the process of connecting high quality email publishers and advertisers so that companies can reach niche markets through a trusted source. 


As most of Website Magazine's readers know, email is an effective channel to connect with people. However partnering advertising companies with relevant and complimentary email newsletters can be difficult. 


LaunchBit helps solve this problem by organizing publishers and advertisers, so it is easy for an advertiser to contact a relevant newsletter, or for a publisher to select an advertiser.


"We're excited to partner with MailChimp to help newsletter publishers monetize their emails with great-looking advertising." says Elizabeth Yin, LaunchBit CEO. "The future of advertising is really just quality content, and we think this is a first step in that direction."


LaunchBit ads are text-based with a small image, so that they match the tone and don't interrupt the content of the newsletter. Publishers are given full control over which ads are published, and can choose which advertisers they would like to partner with.


Advertising is enabled in the newsletter when a publisher syncs their MailChimp account with LaunchBit, and adds a short line of HTML with merge tags into their MailChimp templater. Then advertising partners are selected, and the ad is automatically placed into the appropriate spot within the email.


MailChimp users can click here for more info, and advertisers and publishers can apply to join LaunchBit here.