Email Crowned King of B2C Communication Per New Report

Derek Schou
by Derek Schou 31 Aug, 2014

BlueHornet Networks, an email marketing provider, has announced the release of its 2014 Consumer Views of Email Marketing report. The report is based off findings from a survey of 1,000 consumers.

Among the most interesting of findings in the report was 87 percent of consumers stated they will either delete or unsubscribe from an email list if mobile messages do not display properly. Mobile email display has been a large point of emphasis for many marketing companies and this report further stresses the need to make emails aesthetically pleasing on mobile devices.

Perhaps the most important finding for marketers was that 70 percent of consumers said they would rather communicate with brands via email instead of direct mail or text messages. 

"This survey is loaded with personal consumer responses that help paint a more complete picture of individual relationships between consumers and the brands that email them," said Mike Biwer, vice president and general manager for BlueHornet.

"The data includes insights that digital marketers can use to create programs that build and sustain relationships with consumers. It also reinforces that consumers prefer brands reach out to them via email more than any other mode of communication."