Email Deliverability; The More You Know

Did you know that 1 in 6 permissioned emails from legitimate senders never reach the inbox? For those Web professionals that use the email channel with any regularity, something has to be done about the ongoing deliverability issue.

SalesFusion, a marketing automation solution focused on the SMB market, has unveiled a monthly email deliverability monitoring and analysis service it hopes and believes will change the digital landscape for the better.

The new offering from SalesFusion provides campaign-specific metrics, including overall deliverability rates, best-delivered campaigns, most-engaged campaigns, reputation score, spam filter analysis check, bounce and blacklisting analysis and more. Salesfusion even provides a detailed monthly analysis of results along with best practices to help email marketers fine-tine their campaigns and troubleshoot any possible deliverability issues. The services doesn't come cheap, starting at $400 per month.

There are a variety of solutions already on the market (DeliveryWatch, SendForensics, 250OK, Emailreach, eDatasource, MailMonitor, ReturnPath) to help senders improve their deliverability, many of which are integrated within popular email service providers. What guidance would you provide to help your fellow Web professionals get in the inbox and stay out of the SPAM folder?  Request Website Magazine's Weekly Newsletters