Email Gets Personal with Custom Images

Personalization technologies and techniques have long enabled brands (email senders) to develop deeper, more meaningful and higher value relationships with their consumers and prospects, but in the opinion of many industry experts (myself included) we're only beginning to tap into what's possible. 

Campaigner, for example, recently announced that it has partnered with NiftyImages to provide its users the ability to use their dynamic image tool in order to provide each recipient/subscriber with their own unique, customized email. Recipients, for example, could received a personalized image with their name (or other data). 

The NiftyImages integration also makes it possible to include a countdown timer, which can shows email recipients the days, minutes and seconds until an offer expires. Couple that with the personalization capabilities, as well as the ability to select the date, time and time zone when the countdown will expire, and it's easy to see how personalization could lead to not only increased clicks but also huge increases in engagement overall.