Email Marketers Held Back by CPM-Based Pricing No Longer

For far too long, marketers have been paying for their email marketing initiatives on a CPM basis. That's beginning to change and none other Adobe is leading the way. 

In mid-November (2013), Adobe rolled out a new pricing structure for Adobe Campaign, its cross-channel campaign management solution available within the Adobe Marketing Cloud. Adobe believes that the new pricing structure, which eliminates email CPM, will enable marketers to scale their campaigns more effectively without worrying about execution costs. 

"Marketers are being held back by CPM, a structure that places the email vendor, rather than the marketer and their customers, at the center of campaign operations," said Suresh Vittal, vice president, strategy, Adobe Campaign, Adobe. "With this announcement, Adobe sets a new precedent in the industry and helps marketers to experiment and engage with their customers across all channels. This new pricing structure provides full transparency for marketers and ultimately a better, more relevant experience for the consumers that they reach."

So what do you think? Will email service providers, many of whom are featured within Website Magazine's Email Experience channel, ever opt for an alternative to CPM-based email delivery?

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