EMail Marketing Metrics 2011 - MailerMailer

Email marketing service provider MailerMailer has released its eleventh Email Marketing Metrics Report. If you're as into email as we are, you will want to roll up our sleeves and dig into the data because it looks like much of the data is quite actionable.

Some of the report's highlights from this year include:

- Sunday generated considerably high open (12.2%) and click rates (4.4%) on average when compared to the rest of the week

- The highest volume of opens occur between 6 and 11 am local time

- Clients that sent emails less than once a month experienced a bounce rate of 5.1% while those that sent daily saw a much lower bounce rate of 0.4%

- Personalizing the email subject line generated 0.8% click rate, while personalizing the message boosted click rates to 3%

- Subject lines consisting of 4 to 15 characters generated the highest open rate of 14.1%

"Email marketing is extremely measurable and we have a great amount of data at our fingertips," says Raj Khera, CEO of MailerMailer. "This report is provided for free as a community service to help businesses improve their email marketing effectiveness."