Email Plus Social via Incredimail

Consumer application company Incredimail (NASDAQ: MAIL) has integrated Facebook into its popular email product offering, giving users access to the popular social network from their desktop.

You may be asking yourself who iuses desktop mail anymore. The answer apparently is quite a few: receives well over 3 million unique visitors per month (according to Compete), has amassed a 600,000 strong fan base on Facebook, and has sold more than two million of its product (and that's the latest number we could find circa 2009).

Incredimail hopes this feature will eventually lead it towards becoming a full-fledged, multi-purpose communication product - likely now a key to survival with the increased use of cloud-based email.

Users of the platform's new feature will be able to read and post comments or updates to and from Facebook, automatically synchronize their address book with their Facebook friends, upload photos to Facebook with one click, and download and search photo albums.

"This is the first step in evolving IncrediMail into a multi-purpose communications product. Based on our consumer research we identified a need from our users, primarily consumers over the age of 40, who said they wanted help making social networking easier to use," said Josef Mandelbaum, IncrediMail's CEO. "We are proud to be one of the first email products to integrate Facebook in such a manner and provide our users a simple, safe and fun Facebook interaction right from the desktop."