Email Verification Solution for Campaign Monitor

At any given time, how much of your database (the "list" in email marketing speak) is active or somewhat active, clicking through and interacting with your brand? The answer is an important one as the higher the level of bounces and general inactivity harm not only deliverability from a technical perspective but can skew the data and wreak havoc on your business decision making.

Fortunately, there are solutions to this significant pain point for email marketers and as the drive for greater deliverability and higher performance reaches a critical level, solutions like will likely be well received. The email address verification provider recently announced an integration with Campaign Monitor which will enable users of that email marketing solution to perform bulk email address verification on their opt-in email lists.

Campaign Monitor clients are able to import and export email lists of any size between the two platforms, eliminating much (if not all) of the manual list pruning which can be required for both high volume and some low volume senders. Kickbox's integrated email verification solution identifies email addresses as DeliverableUndeliverableRisky or Unknown and provides its Kickbox Sendex score to further rate the quality of each email address.

"We're passionate about helping businesses grow with email marketing," said Mercer Smith-Looper, Integrations Specialist, Campaign Monitor. "Our technology integration partners help customers get the most from their email campaigns and Kickbox is exceptional at working with customers to get their email lists squeaky clean."