FuseMail Announces E-Mail and IM Archiving

Maureen Alley
by Maureen Alley 13 Aug, 2009

FuseMail announced that it will offer hosted e-mail archiving for customers starting in September. Being able to track and file old e-mails is important for many businesses. With an archived service, you will be able to keep more e-mails longer, adding to your business documentation.

And, the new service doesn't just archive your e-mails - it also archives IMs in real-time. As more people collaborate via IM, it's even more important to be able to archive IM conversations.

According to the release, the new service will also offer: search index for archived documents, multi-user control with the ability to give restricted access to an accountant or attorney; e-mail and SMS alerts for detection of leak; and compliance monitoring.

For many businesses, utilizing outsourced e-mail services can be unnerving because so much valuable and sensitive information goes across e-mail communication, but relying on a company that can provide additional support beyond simply e-mail is enticing.

Do you outsource your e-mail? If not, does this new announcement make outsourcing e-mail more appealing? Comment below.