Gmail Wants to Speed Up Your Workflow

Email is central to a successful digital life, but can it get any better? Of course it can - particularly as it relates to "work."

In early 2017, Google previewed Gmail Add-Ons, a feature letting developers integrate their app directly into the email platform and extend it to handle quick actions. The company recently announced it was expanding the offering and it is causing quite the stir in the software as a service space.

In the week since the announced expansion of the program, several software providers have already released Add-Ons for Gmail.

SaaS-based Work management software Wrike, for example, announced its Add-On to enable G Suite business users to take advantage of the solution directly from Gmail. Users of the Add-on will be able to create new tasks from emails, view existing tasks, send and receive Wrike comments and add emails as comments to tasks.

"The on-demand nature of the digital economy pushes enterprise teams to work at a much faster pace while maintaining high quality standards," said Wrike CEO Andrew Filev. 

"This cuts across all facets of work, so we want to make their efforts easier by introducing collaborative work management capabilities wherever we can. Working with G Suite, we're meeting the growing demand of teams to collaborate and organize their work in more effective ways by cutting the friction between their most common tools."

Wrike Gmail Add-on