Hotel Loyalty Program Gets Personal

The travel and hospitality industries know how to do reward programs - in fact, they are the models in which most other programs aspire to be.

This doesn't mean, however, that the leaders in this vertical are abreast of digital best practices and the software and solutions that can support them. Marriott, however, is one that continues to invest in the digital marketing space. Most recently, Marriott has licensed Wylei's Adaptive Content digital marketing platform to drive higher engagement and revenue within its rewards program.

For the unfamiliar, Wylei's email marketing software provides personalized content that adapts to the real-time contextual experiences of each recipient, like, for example, the weather.

"Wylei has helped us continue to drive innovation when it comes to email marketing," said Clark Cummings, Senior Manager of Email Marketing at Marriott Rewards. "Nothing matters more to us than serving our members, and the ability to automatically deliver deeply relevant, personalized emails in real time is huge for us."

Marriott could use this software to include countdown timers (like for sales), local weather, real-time points balance and more.