Launchbit Email Ad Network Comes to Mailchimp

Email marketing service Mailchimp announced an integration with Launchbit, a recently launched advertising network developed exclusively for email marketing.

What makes the Launchbit and the Mailchimp integration interesting is the potential benefits for publishers and advertisers leveraging the services. Not only do publishers have a new opportunity to monetize unsold inventory, but advertisers can finally reach into smaller markets they may have previously overlooked.

Mailchimp email publishers must first sync their account with LaunchBit, and insert a snippet of HTML with merge tags into their template to show the Launchbit newsletter ads. Publishers can then select advertising partners within LaunchBit, and the selected ad content will be automatically placed into the appropriate spot within the email in MailChimp.

I've been in the business over 12 years and have not seen anything like Launchbit so expect a very warm welcome from both the advertising and email marketing community.