Less than 25% Use Autoresponders

Did you hear it? Did you hear the sound of my digital heart breaking into a googol of pieces? That's the feeling I got upon hearing that only 25 percent of companies analyzed from the Inc. 5,000 were using autoresponders within their marketing automation programs.

The study, conducted by Optify, examined companies with annual revenues of at least $1 million operating in the Advertising & Marketing, IT Services, Software or Business Services industries. What they found will (well, should) absoluetly astound you.

- Nearly 25% of websites do not offer any type of online contact form.
- Of the companies with online contact forms, only 24% respond immediately with an autoresponse email. Approximately 30% respond within one hour.
- Only 37% of companies follow up via email within one week of form submission.
- Only 8% of companies send more than one email within a week after form submission.

"Autoresponders allow businesses to capitalize on a unique opportunity to engage with prospects at the moment they express interest online," said Doug Wheeler, Optify CMO. "Using autoresponders for your marketing automation -- and using them correctly -- can help you accelerate better, more personalized relationships with prospects and customers. These are basic steps that every company can adopt -- no matter what size."