Liveclicker Launches Video Email Automation Platform

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 26 Jul, 2010

Video commerce solutions provider Liveclicker has launched a video e-mail automation platform. Video Email Express relies on a patent-pending video email automation technology that senses an email recipient's mail client right as a Liveclicker-enabled message is opened, then automatically delivers a compatible video directly in the body of the email using industry standard file formats.

HTML5 video, optimized animated .GIF video, and optimized animated .PNG videos are all supported. To account for the rendering and compatibility differences between mail clients and mobile devices, the system automatically creates, stores, and then publishes any one of over a dozen versions of each video asset in real time as each mail recipient opens the message.

Brands including Disney, HP, Costco, Discovery Communications, Holland America, KLM, IBM, Verizon Wireless and others have already launched video email campaigns using the service while in beta, and launch partners include Goodmail Systems and Return Path.