Make One-to-One Emails Personal

Each member of your email list is unique and so each message they receive must be unique too.

Fortunately, there are many great examples of the positive effect of personalization and just as many tools to guide your enterprise to 'Net success.

Reelevant, for example, just launched its new email intelligence technology that analyzes the context of opening and the behavior of each recipient to deliver the optimal message. The solution enables marketers to develop one-to-one, personalized emails, updated in real-time (even after they are sent), and even optimize send times based on each subscriber's habits.

While most email service providers currently offer similar tech, it's useful to periodically see what solutions are emerging. Reelevant certainly looks capable of delivering; let's take a closer look at how the email intelligence solution works.

At each opening of the email, Reelevant changes the content of the message depending on the device, the location, and the weather at a given place and time. A retailer sending email, for example, could configure a campaign to display raincoats and pants if it's raining when the recipient opens the email, and T-shirts and shorts if it's sunny when the recipient opens this email again.

Reelevant is also an interesting email technology solution because it automatically sends emails at different times for each subscriber. To identify the best time to engage with each and every one of them, the SaaS application's algorithms analyze their behaviors and habits with each email they receive. The more emails that are sent, the smarter the application gets.