Master the Digital Art of Email Prospecting

Marketing and sales automation platform Autopilot and cloud analytics provider GoodData are aligning forces to help enterprises improve their sales prospecting efforts with the launch of CoPilot.

CoPilot, which removes the manual work from sales prospecting, now helps sales teams understand performance of drip email campaigns so they can make informed decisions and ultimately drive better results from the, traditionally, much larger data sets.


"The typical sales person simply wants to know what's driving engagement with their prospects and what isn't," said Peter Sharkey, co-founder and product manager at Autopilot. "When it comes to analyzing drip email activities, it's often hard to drown out the noise and get actionable insights. By powering CoPilot's analytics with GoodData, we're able to provide our users with the most cutting edge insight, right inside of CoPilot itself."

GoodData, embedded in CoPilot's user interface, will provide customers the ability to receive an on-demand view into how prospects interact with outbound email campaigns, gain insight into what makes an effective and engaging email campaign, understand which messages resonate most with each persona, view email campaign performance (including click rates, open rates, and clicks per unique open), and track high-value metrics like most engaged prospects or best performing campaigns.