Mobile Email Opens Slowing Down

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 24 Nov, 2015

Mobile email opens are slowing down according to new research from email marketing provider Movable Ink.

Movable Ink's quarterly U.S. Consumer Device Preference report shows that at the end of 2014 mobile accounted for 66 percent of email opens. This number increased throughout 2015, reaching 67 percent in Q1 and 68 percent in Q2. In Q3, however, that data shows that email opens fell back down to 67 percent. As the year wraps up, it will be interesting to see if mobile email opens stays the same or gains momentum with the increase of email messages sent out for the holidays.

"Although it experienced a slight dip this quarter, mobile maintained its foothold as the way customers prefer to open emails," said Vivek Sharma, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Movable Ink. "Desktop squeaked by again as the winner in conversions at 51 percent overall, but for the retail apparel vertical, 67 percent of conversions happened on mobile devices. This suggests that apparel brands are improving their mobile email calls-to-action and experiences, which in turn are boosting mobile sales."

The report also shed light on a variety of other mobile preferences, revealing that the non-profit audience is the only vertical that prefers desktop, with 50 percent of the audience opening emails on a desktop in Q3. That said, retail/apparel customers seem to be comfortable with mobile buying, with 67 percent of email conversions by this group being made on a mobile device. Discover more insights from the report, including email read length by device, by taking a look at the chart below.