Mobile Opens Driving Mobile Clicks

Consumers' propensity toward opening emails on their mobile devices has been well reported, but new data from Yesmail indicates they are getting more comfortable clicking through too.

With a big push from Google to go mobile-friendly, more brands than ever are providing a user experience catered to those not accessing brands on a desktop computer - and it's paying off in user confidence. Yesmail Q3 2015 benchmarks show mobile clicks accounted for 46.7 percent of all email clicks in Q3, a 23.9 percent increase YoY. Interesting to note, as emails and websites provide better functionality for mobile users and smartphone screens get larger too, tablets aren't the digital darling they once were.

While smartphone revenue is up 6.1 percent from Q2 and 36 percent year over year (YoY), tablet revenue as a proportion of mobile revenue continues to shrink at a similar rate with a 5.9 percent decline from Q2 and 26 percent decline YoY.

What this information tells a digital marketer is that the demand for responsive emails and sites catering to users across devices is more important than ever. Since consumers are already comfortable with opening and now clicking through emails on their mobile devices, their expectations of how the site should look and function will grow even higher. 

A couple other quick hits from the report include:

*Desktop purchases continue to generate the highest average order value ($136.70) compared to mobile purchases ($100).

*iPhone-generated revenue saw the greatest increase both QoQ (13.1 percent) and YoY (46 percent).