Mobile's New Impact on Email Conversion

Think consumers don't convert using mobile devices?

A new report from Movable Ink indicates that not only are consumers opening more emails on mobile devices than desktop (but we already knew that), but they are also making mobile purchases too.

Movable Ink's quarterly U.S. Consumer Device Preference Report provides insights into how consumers engage with email using their preferred devices, as well as other actionable information.

For starters the Q1 2015 report indicates that iPhones account for 31 percent of email conversions (compared to 37 percent on desktop). All devices (iPhone, Android and tablets) combined, however, account for 63 percent of conversions, nearly double that of desktops.

"Our first ever email conversion data in this quarter's report provides actionable insights for email marketers looking to understand how their efforts across all devices bridge to actual sales," said Vivek Sharma, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Movable Ink. "Armed with this level of data, marketers can craft content and engage with consumers one-to-one in ways that provide the best experiences and path to sale."

If anything, the report is further proof that email marketers must get with the mobile program. In fact, as more markters begin to use responsive emails, their ROI is improving too (more details here).