Preview Email Campaigns for Greater Performance with Pinpointe

The inability to know how all of an email's recipients will see the content once it's been sent has to be one of the greatest challenges for email marketers, as they have to try to devise a newsletter design that will work effectively on the myriad of browsers and devices that their subscribers will be opening them on.

In an attempt to solve this dilemma, the cloud-based email marketing company Pinpointe recently released a new Email Campaign Previewer tool and spam checker for mobile and desktop clients that helps mid-sized businesses, including ecommerce sites, get a glance at how their emails will appear to a variety of different types of users after they're sent.

Email Campaign Previewer will render and verify an email's design for optimal display across over 50 desktop and mobile clients, including the iPad and Android devices. This allows email marketers to identify any potential readability or HTML coding issues, both of which have a considerable impact on email response rates. According to Pinpointe, previewing your emails will not only improve response rates, but overall email marketing ROI, as well.

Marketers using Email Campaign Previewer will be able to preview an unlimited number of email designs and disable images if they present a problem; meanwhile, Pinpointe will analyze their HTML email code and provide them with detailed feedback on any incompatibilities or rendering issues it may have with certain clients, along with a corrected code that the marketer can use.