Pay Per Visit Email Marketing Software Launches

The launch today of Pay Per Visit Email (the company's actual name) caught our attention and it will likely do the same for you, particuarly in light of the release of Website Magazine's May 2011 Email issue. The service is truly unique in concept and as far as I know is the only email service of its kind. Whether it actually works or is as cost effective as it seems is still up for debate.  

While most email service providers charge their customers on some version of "volume of emails sent", Pay Per Visit Email charges customers only when an email recipient clicks through to a website. This eliminates the risk of paying for emails that are not acted on or opened. No traffic, no cost for the email. How exactly the cost per email is calculate we were unable to determine. 

Some cost examples are available on the company's website however. One commercial lender sent 24,203 emails in one month and received 21 click throughs to its website.  A competitor charged them 1.1 cents per email sent for a total cost of $266. If they were to use Pay Per Visit Email, they would pay $1.00 per visit. So 21 clicks would mean $21.

According to David Chitester, CEO and Founder of Pay Per Visit Email, "We recognized that there was a great way to differentiate ourselves from other email marketing services. It makes no sense to charge people if their email marketing isn't delivering results and driving traffic to their website. We developed a simple, but powerful, email marketing software that delivers on the promise of low cost and flexible functionality, while stripping away unneeded bells and whistles that do nothing for the customer's bottom line."