Performance-Based Email Ads - MediaTrust's MTPX

What MediaTrust announced today at the LeadsCon conference is likely to blow your mind - so prepare yourself. 

The technology platform today announced the launch of PerformanceExchange (MTPX), a marketing platform that aims to connect advertisers with consumers in real-time. That alone would not make me blink and neither would the fact that MTPX uses a CPC bidding system and is "performance-based". 

What blows my mind is that it consolidates the management of multiple channels into one advertising exchange - the first channel which MediaTrust is making available is email. That's right -  a real-time, CPC-bidding system for email advertising. Told you - blown away. Other channels will apparently be added but email is first and that alone represents something very special. 

According to the announcement, "MTPX ads are wrapped in contextually relevant graphics, provided by MediaTrust, and the winning bidders' text ads are dynamically served in real-time when the email is opened. MediaTrust's proprietary algorithms optimize based on performance by serving ads with the highest probability to convert. After the winning ads are dynamically generated, MediaTrust's PerformanceExchange prices and routes subsequent traffic appropriately based on real-time bids and click quality metrics."

Few details are available right now, but during MTPX's beta in January and February, campaigns within MediaTrust's finance and education verticals yielded advertiser conversion rates between five and eight percent at "very competitive CPCs".