Real-Time Alerts for Email Deliverability Problems

From poor sender reputation and list hygiene issues to spam complaints and blacklisting, countless factors can impact email deliverability.

Return Path recently announced a new addition to its Mission Control Dashboard, called Smart Alerts. The new feature offers customizable, real-time notifications to help marketers recognize deliverability problems as they occur, pinpoint the source and take appropriate steps toward quick resolution. 

"Most marketers don't immediately recognize when they're having deliverability issues, and that lack of visibility can mean the difference between success and failure of an email program," said Dave Wilby, Return Path's chief operating officer. "With Smart Alerts, marketers can not only diagnose deliverability problems in the moment, but also understand the best path to resolution."

The Smart Alerts launch comes on the heels of new offerings from Return Path like enhancements to Email Client Monitor (to track the time and location in which an email was opened, as well as the device that was used and the length of time the subscriber interacted with the email), Geo Email Monitor (a free tool that provides the basic functionality of Email Client Monitor, see image) and Pick Your Previews (a new feature to see how email renders across email clients and browsers), among other updates.

"Having access to cutting-edge tools is critical to our customers' success," said Wilby. "With these new innovations, we're working to ensure that marketers have the customized data, recommendations, and resources they need to build and maintain an effective email program."