Springbot Gets Visual with Social, Adds Behavioral Triggers to Email

Springbot has released two new features for its ecommerce marketing platform; Advanced Shoppable Instagram and Behavioral Trigger emails. 

Springbot's Instagram integration now supports customized landing pages and minimizes the steps to checkout allowing consumers to quickly purchase items promoted on that social network. With online photos of a products in action driving eight times more consumer engagement (and consequently more revenue as a result) than traditional ecommerce product shots, Springbot's Shoppable Instagram offering should make it easier for merchants to leverage real-world product photos from Instagram as a way to create consumer excitement and drive more sales.

"Visual social media is no longer just about brand awareness. Savvy marketers are using their social platforms as a way for customers to engage with their brands in a way that drives revenue," said Erika Jolly Brookes, CMO at Springbot. "Visual social platforms like Instagram have become a daily part of consumers' habits. By adding Advanced Shoppable Instagram to our already robust product offering, we're empowering online stores with the tools they need to showcase how their products are used in the real world and meet consumers where they are."

Springbot also added a new feature to its automated email offering, which will enables merchants to send follow up emails based on a specific action (or lack of action) taken. For customers who already have taken an action, such as opening a previous email or completing a purchase, the Behavioral Trigger email minimizes unwanted emails.

"Consumers' actions today-or the decision not to act-speaks volumes on how they want to be communicated with and shouldn't be ignored," said Brookes. "While many marketers understand the importance of personalization using an automated email system, they all too often revert back to the 'batch and blast' mentality. Rather than build brand equity, emails that remind consumers to take an action already completed discredits the brand's effort to deliver customized personalized messages."