Stat Watch: Email Experience for Recipients & Senders

A large majority (65 percent) of a retailer's subscriber list has never purchased from them, but of the 35 percent who have, an overwhelming majority have only purchased once according to 2016 data from Listrak.

Since it is far cheaper and more lucrative to activate existing buyers, Listrak analyzed the post-purchase habits of top retailers to understand the tactics they are using to get "second sales" as well as the shopping habits of repeat customers who bought at least two times from a retailer. Listrak found that 83 percent of second sales take place the same day as the original purchase, which should encourage retailers to send a transactional email immediately after the sale that includes order info, tracking number, expected arrival date and, perhaps most importantly, personal recommendations of products (only 17.1 percent of retailers, included in Listrak's study, sent these).

Knowing that the CAN-SPAM Act states content in transactional messages has to only be "primarily transactional,"¬ù Listrak recommends including additional marketing messages when retailers have a shopper's full attention, such as taking the opportunity to cross-sell or upsell based on a shopper's browsing and purchase history. Retailers not sending order confirmation messages at the very least will want to get a system in place before the holiday rush to avoid a negative customer experience, according to Listrak. The company also recommends using a clear subject line such as, "Tracking information for your BRAND NAME order" to make it easy for customers to find these crucial messages.

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