Take an Email Selfie

Selfies aren't just for social networks anymore - they are for email too.


Digital marketing solutions provider Lyris has launched a service called the "Email Selfie," which is a self-assessment tool that helps marketers find areas of improvement in their email program. To use the service, marketers need to answer a short series of questions in order to receive an assessment of their current email marketing program. The assessment includes step-by-step recommendations that aim to help marketers improve revenue and customer loyalty.


"Email is the heart of digital marketing, and remains the most effective revenue driver for almost all marketers. It is surprising just how many organizations are not taking full advantage of email marketing strategies and tactics," said Philip Storey, global head of strategic services at Lyris. "That's why we've launched the Email Selfie. We wanted to create a tool that gives marketers a snapshot insight into what they might be doing wrong and how they can quickly improve. Our recommendations will allow them to seize the immense revenue possibilities of this foundational customer communication channel."