Taking Email Mobile

You have to give some credit to the email marketing industry for not fearing the technologies that were so loudly promised to replace email (namely social and mobile), instead embracing the opportunities that were presented.

Case in point, ExactTarget announced its enhanced ExactTarget Mobile application today, providing marketers with a way to build, launch, manage and analyze mobile marketing programs ranging from SMS alerts and promotional messages to mobile couponing and text-to-win campaigns.

"Mobile provides marketers a unique opportunity to interact whenever and wherever consumers want to engage," said Scott Dorsey, ExactTarget co-founder and chief executive officer. "ExactTarget Mobile provides marketers a flexible solution to connect with customers on the go and to make those interactions part of a broader interactive marketing campaign."

ExactTarget Mobile will be available as a standalone application and as a fully integrated channel application through the Interactive Marketing HubTM, allowing marketers to seamlessly integrate mobile marketing with other interactive marketing channels including email, social media and sites.

Features of the platform include a step-by-step mobile campaign creation wizard with custom and pre-defined templates, paperless tickets or coupons and mobile barcodes that can be scanned at point of sale or used for entry to events or transportation, as well as global longcode and shortcode management.