Targeting Purchase Behavior with EmailDirect

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 28 Mar, 2012

Email marketing provider EmailDirect has launched a new email list management and segmentation tool for online retailers.

The Purchase Behavior Targeting tool enables retailers to integrate their shopping cart activity with EmailDirect's platform, as well as build automated email campaigns for targeted groups of customers based on factors such as specific products that have been purchased, purchases by product-categories, average order value, lifetime spend and the time since last purchase .

"Our new Purchase Behavior feature will help businesses compete in a world where segmentation and personalization are becoming more and more of a necessity," says Kevin Linden, CEO of EmailDirect. "Targeting your entire list with a single email is a thing of the past. This feature will help ecommerce companies deliver personalized emails relevant to customer interests without an expensive analytics tool." 

Additionally, retailers that use the ecommerce platform Magento will be able to use EmailDirect's Magento extension, which allows for synchronization of order data into EmailDirect without API development.