The Best-Performing Email Campaign Types

These days, marketers are talking more and more about recurring-revenue strategies, often found in subscription-based business models. A new email marketing benchmarks whitepaper from Listrak, however, presents an option many companies are forgetting, which can have similar results (without the complexity) - replenish campaigns.

Replenish campaigns - a simple email reminder to customers that it may be time to re-order a certain product - actually, according to the whitepaper, have the highest conversion rate (28.59 percent) of any email campaign (compared to the following email campaign types: welcome, post-purchase, back in stock, browse abandon, cart abandon and recurring automated campaigns).

This should be a wake-up call to those offering products (particularly those that need to be replaced regularly) to begin sending these emails - making it as easy as possible for customers to re-order items that need to be replenished. According to Listrak, merchants can easily automate these campaigns, deploying at either a selected amount of time after the sale or based on average re-order times.

As readers can see in the chart above, there are my campaigns yielding great results. For example, cart abandon emails, which boast a 21.73 percent conversion rate, are often talked about, but any consumer can tell you that they are not used regularly. 

Aside from the performance of different campaign types, Listrak's whitepaper presents day-of-the-week email benchmarks, indicating that Monday has the highest open rate (15.09 percent), but Friday has the highest visit-to-conversion rate (3.59 percent). That said, open rates, conversion rates and revenue-per-email sent for each day of the week are only separated by very slim margins (see chart below - click to zoom in). 

This should tell email senders that they should test sending emails on Saturday and Sunday - if they aren't already.