The Power of Personalized Emails

If your online retail enterprise isn't doubling down on email this holiday season, you are going to miss out.

New research from Salesforce, published in its "Predictive Intelligence Benchmark Report," reveals that 60 percent of shoppers who received personalized content after abandoning their shopping carts (such as the products they viewed) ultimately returned to make a purchase. Not only did sending those emails drive return visits for the retailer, but the shoppers that did return spent an average of $36 per click. Are you willing to leave that potential revenue on the table? Probably not.

The problem, as Salesforce identified within its report, is that just 15 percent of the retailers it studied incorporated personalized cart abandonment emails into their marketing strategies. It's obviously time for retailers to start taking advantage of predictive intelligence and implementing more targeted and predictive personalization strategies within email (as well as sitewide) as the results it produces are clearly very impressive.