Timing is Everything with Email Marketing

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 17 May, 2012

Most Web workers know that email marketing is one of the most effective strategies that businesses can use to reach their customers, but a new study reveals that one email marketing strategy outperforms the others.

Email marketing provider StrongMail surveyed more than 1,000 business leaders last year regarding the benefits of lifecycle email marketing, the results reveal that timing is everything - especially when it comes to email marketing.

Lifecycle emails are timed to reach customers at opportune moments in order to increase engagement - and the study proved that this strategy does just that. Among the survey respondents, 67 percent reported increased subscriber engagement, while 55 percent claimed they saw an increase in open and click-through rates after making the switch to lifecycle email marketing.

Part of the reason why this email marketing strategy outperforms traditional batch email marketing is because of the extra effort that is taken to create and deliver the message at the right time, which increases the likelihood of consumers responding to it. In fact, according to StrongMail, one of their clients experienced a 16 percent increase in revenue by transitioning from traditional to lifecycle marketing.

"These numbers make sense to us, of course," says Kara Trivunovic, vice president of agency services, StrongMail. "As with so many other aspects of marketing, timing is one of the most important elements for success and that is no less true when it comes to email marketing. Companies that rely on the quality and strategy of their emails simply see better results than those bombarding their readers with quantity. As a result, they spend less time chasing leads and building customer loyalty."