User-Generated Content within Email; Authentic & Personalized

Personalized email provider Bluecore and user-generated content collection and management platform Olapic have partnered to help email marketers deploy more "authentic and personalized" campaigns.

User-generated content has been shown repeatedly to help brands strengthen their communities, increase engagement and drive more conversions - but it has not always been easy to implement such content within email due to the complexities of scale. The partnership between Bluecore and Olapic however could finally enable marketers to include the real-time, relevant, socially sourced content into their campaigns that is in demand by users without any significant investment of time or resources.

Billions of user-generated photos are posted and viewed across social media platforms each day, and Olapic's visual content marketing platform will help Bluecore senders streamline the collection, curation, and showcasing of that potentially engaging content. Senders using the customer experience platform will be able to incorporate user-generated content within triggered and broadcast email campaigns. 

"The proliferation of consumer-generated images is changing marketing as consumers seek authentic interactions with the brands they love," said Pau Sabria, co-Founder and CEO of Olapic. "Email with personalized, contextually relevant content outperforms email with generic, stock imagery each and every time. This partnership will help marketers lower their costs while efficiently generating high-quality content at scale."