Cloudscaling Introduces Open System for Cloud Apps

Cloud-ready applications provider Cloudscaling is greatly expanding its services by offering the first ever open cloud system intentionally designed to run cloud-based apps.

The new Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution, known as the Cloudscaling Open Cloud System (OCS), is based on OpenStack's open source cloud project, so it is able to leverage the company's expertise from various software deployments. This helps OCS offer private and public clouds the same cost, performance and scalability benefits of Amazon Web Services, while eliminating vendor lock-in, proprietary protocols, closed hardware platforms and excessive enterprise liscensing fees.

Cloudscaling OCS is made up of three primary elements. The first is Open Cloud OS, an OpenStack-powered operating system for production cloud deployments that extends OpenStack software and offers management, scalability, security and performance.

Next is Hardware Blueprints, which provides tested and proven depolyment configurations for computing, storage and networking equipment that will help companies meet specific price, performance and availability targets.

Finally, OCS offers CloudBlocks, integrating Open Cloud OS software with Hardware Blueprints to define modular cloud building blocks.

OCS is a big step for Cloudscaling in pushing the use of cloud-ready apps, which are more elastic than traditional applicationss and can support higher peak loads.