Context-Aware Security Intelligence

Kelly Roberts
by Kelly Roberts 16 Jan, 2023
Dome9 Security has announced the release of Magellan, a new capability of its Arc cloud security platform that aims to deliver enhanced threat intelligence, deep event correlation, and policy driven intrusion detection and forensics. 

The new offering is powered by a patent-pending enrichment engine that claims to have "complete understanding" of the ephemeral and dynamic nature of cloud environments.

Does it live up to the hype?

Dome9 Magellan essentially synthesizes data from a variety of sources to build contextual awareness of security in a cloud environment. Customers will be able to use the solution to detect threats and intrusions, investigate incidents, and validate adherence to compliance and policy requirements based on actual network traffic and user-triggered events. Dome 9 customers will be able to use the framework to define security policies and enforce them across static configurations as well as dynamic traffic and events in their cloud environments.

This level/degree of automated "context-aware" intelligence over security is going to prove very attractive to enterprises.

"As a leading financial services institution, the security of our IT environments is a top priority for us," said Reza Salari, director of information security and service transformation at Pacific Life Insurance. "

We needed a way to establish and maintain security and compliance in the cloud as we grew our footprint. The Dome9 Arc cloud security platform is a comprehensive solution for visibility, control and active protection on the cloud. Dome9 Arc allows us define and enforce a consistent security posture throughout our cloud journey."