Website Performance Tips for #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday

The holidays are here and websites must be operating at top performance in order to turn visitors into customers - regardless of how great on-site deals are. 

To help online business owners prepare for the rush of customers, 1&1 has some tips to ensure that they can provide the best possible ecommerce experience. 

There's Still Time for this Tip

Patrick Schaudel, VP Product Management eBusiness, 1&1 Internet SE

"To make the most of important revenue seasons such as Black Friday, retailers should make sure that all their special offers can be easily discovered by customers who are doing initial online scans for deals. To appeal to more customers who may not be aware of the online store, business owners can register their website to appear in different online directories and social media platforms. These directories list key contact information, company details, current offers and customer reviews all in one place, increasing their business's visibility to online shoppers."

Tuck Away These for the New Year

Hans Nijholt, Department Head Product Management Global Server Portfolio, 1&1 Internet SE

"In order to drive as many online sales as possible, website owners need a reliable server solution that can handle the spike in online traffic from Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers. 

A virtual private server is an easy way to avoid a website crash, which can significantly hurt a brand's business and sales. Different options are available based on a business' needs and each provides users with quickly available dedicated resources to help business owners be prepared for the inevitable increase in traffic on their website."

Ive Van Riet, Head of Commercial Management Webhosting & MyWebsite, 1&1 Internet SE

"For those with little Web design experience, website builders are a huge help when it comes to designing a professional website for occasions such as Black Friday. For seasonal shopping peaks, these tools allow users to customize their website with content such as pop-up promotions based on specific dates, times and can even target visitors. Website builders also provide SEO-optimization industry-standard images and text templates for Web pages and even provide tailoring features to make the online store compatible with mobile devices."