The Cloud Disappoints

The Cloud? Meh. That seems to be the sentiment from IT operations professionals.

Data from cloud infrastructure management company Fugue revealed that only 20 percent of IT professionals felt they are getting the most out of the cloud.

Thirty-nine percent said security/compliance is slowing them down, 36 percent said CXOs fail to understand the complexity of the cloud, 26 percent said IT leadership doesn't understand the complexity of the cloud, and 20 percent said developers don't understand the complexity of the cloud. Another 22 percent pointed to a lack of cohesion between the cloud and data center teams.

When asked about what challenges they are working to overcome in their cloud organizations this year, IT professionals pointed first to controlling costs (48 percent), then to ensuring infrastructure security and compliance (44 percent), managing increasing cloud complexity (42 percent), and meeting business agility demands (36 percent).

"The promises of the cloud are tremendous, but they are hard-won," said Josh Stella, CEO and Co-founder at Fugue.

"You hear you'll get rid of data centers, save money, and move faster; cloud's essentially an infinite resource. But what happens is that IT departments lose control of it-they can't keep track of everything that's running, and there are security and compliance complications. If you're Netflix, you have enough money to throw at the problem, but most companies trying to manage the cloud end up in a DIY headache of patch-ups and tools that were born in the data center and adapted for use in the cloud. Fugue addresses all of these pain points because it was born in the cloud and designed for the cloud. It's the fix for sprawl, uncertainty, and time lost on regulatory demands and corporate policy regimes. "