Cybera ONE Embeds 3G and 4G into Cloud Security Platform

An announcement by Cybera about its Cybera ONE cloud-based security platform makes it the first such solution to integrate 3G and 4G connections into its full suite of security, remote backup and recovery services.

The Cyber ONE solution gives customers a managed Firewall, Wireless IDS, Virtual Private Network, security information and event management for one fixed annual cost. The integration of 3G and 4G connections is meant to help network security administrators eliminate the need to utilize various products from several vendors. Moreover, cellular backup helps ensure that networks remain connected even when their primary connections are down, reducing the likelihood of fraudulent transactions and improving security and reliability.

This package of embedded wireless capabilities provides a host of new features for Cybera One users, including the following:

- High-speed wireless service as Primary access, so companies don't need to use (or pay for) DSL, satellite, cable broadband or T1 connectivity
- Fast service provisioning and self-installation
- Maximum operational uptime with fast failover capabilities and seamless failover/failback across multiple medium

In addition, companies will be able to get rid of those costly, insecure and often cumbersome 3G/4G connectivity devices, such as USB sticks, routers, antenna cabling, satellites or dial-up services.